• Spread the Love

    Here at Paws Journey, we have all the essentials for your furry friend to be a part of your life’s journey. Sadly, not all pups are fortunate enough to be a part of a family’s journey. To try and spread some love, we commit a percentage of every purchase to different non-profit organizations. We hope to bring them the opportunity to share a bond like the one you share with your pet.

  • Our mission

    Whether a stroll down the block, or a walk at the beach, we believe in providing whatever necessary to maintain our furry family active, safe and ready to explore the world. As pet owners, we know what it’s like to want nothing but the best for our pup.

  • CEO Bella/ Founding

    Paws Journey was founded with love for our four-legged family member, Bella. When we welcomed Bella into our home we never expected the impact this four-legged baby would bring to our world. As we began exploring the outdoors with our new family member, We wanted Bella to join us safely. In the journey, we began to see all the essential qualities we would need in her gear for her to safely & comfortably be by our side.. Thus creating Paws Journey.

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