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Paws Journey

Unscented Paw Balm

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Our Paw Balm is meant to aid your pup on its journey through life. Our Paw Balm helps prevent Paw injury such as: red, itchy, irritated or dry paws, and protect against the Harsh elements from the Cold winter snow, to the hot California pavement. We took it upon ourselves to create a 100% organic and lick safe to use on our furry friends. 

The balm works by encapsulating your pups paw with bees wax to protect from outside sources. It then hydrates the paw with moisterizing shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin E, and calendula oil. We understand that not everyone is comfortable with using essential oils on their furry friends so we created our unscented version.

All of our balms are hand made and 100% organic with carefully selected human grade products. feel free to contact us with any questions.WARNING: Dog products are not recommended for use on puppies under the age of ten (10) weeks.

Warning Dog Products are not meant to be used on puppies under 10 weeks old.

Directions for use: For no-mess application, simply uncap, dip your dog's paw into the tin to apply the balm. Paws will be slick directly after application so it is advised to allow time for it to dry. Applying before bedtime is an ideal time when your dog is at rest so it can dry completely!
Distractions are key for getting the best results! Using calms like cheese or meat, cuddles and rub downs are great ways to distract your dog to allow time for the product to work it's magic!
Some helpful tips: You can use baby socks after applying to prevent excessive licking.